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Don’t Ever Look Back

Video: Don’t Ever Look Back
Category: Other, Fun, Dance, etc. ( 1)
Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica (TV), Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part III: Rebellion
Song: Teenage Dream
Artist: Katy Perry
Creator: JaddziaDax (Katie’s Web Sight!! Productions)

So I finished this thing today… This started out as an IC against my nephew. We were both going to use Madoka and this is the song he chose for me. Yeah it’s a shipping video, and in general I don’t do those, but this was fun to put together O: I honestly can’t take this video seriously :P

Thanks for watching!

There was a writers strike/some kind of drama like that going on, and they were running out of script material that they were allowed to use, so the episode was filler because that was about all they could do…

Also why many of the second season’s episodes were really different compared to a lot of the rest of the series was because they were rewriting scripts that were originally intended for the Star Trek reboot series (that never happened - and eventually turned into Star Trek: The Motion Picture).

The story about this is in the extras on the blu-rays.

How to survive: Club Tortimer




Yes, most people there are usually nice, or at least don’t give you any trouble. But here’s few examples who I’ve met:


They are really harmless. They come and go as they are searching for rare island items. They rarely say anything at all, so if you’re wondering why everybody leaves

Really helpful actually!

And then there’s me who will buy you an island item ‘cause I’ve racked up over 300 medals… However I don’t need the medals, just want to save my box every so often just in case I run into one of these nuts.. So, keep in mind that going on tour will save your box, Also, if you arrive at the island and someone has cut down all the trees/flowers/bushes and you don’t like that, go on tour without them and when you return it will reset the island’s trees. Also, I often go to the international island if I want to catch beetles in the middle of the day because sometimes the island is night time, Just keep Island hopping until you get a good time of day.
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